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I’m Dr Laura Nelson...

and I care about you because you have gifts to share with the world. I believe everyone has gifts – but YOU are here on this page because you feel a desire, no let’s call it an overwhelming, all-consuming drive – to get your gifts out into the world and make a difference.

You also know that if you don’t share your gifts – if you don’t create value and build your dream business – you won’t ever be happy with yourself.

Perhaps you’re currently stuck. Your passion has waned. Your productivity is down. You’re feeling fragile. Perhaps your income is low, your ideal clients aren’t coming to you.

You’ve bought the mindset programmes. You’re curious about conscious entrepreneurship. But you still wake up every morning with the heavy feeling that you’ve let yourself down. Well do you?

This is frustrating. Damn right it is! Not just because it feels rubbish. But because, you know:

• You were born to do great things
• You can and must be a better version of yourself
• You are driven by your heart, your passion and your love
• (And, whisper it) you’re here to do something bigger than yourself

Well, let me tell you some truths:
• Until you use your gifts for a higher purpose (and that means getting your creations out into the world), this frustration will never go away
• Because you resonate with the above, you are here to lead others in the global movement to raise consciousness
• You have a responsibility

There’s a new way – a better way – to do business. Conscious Entrepreneurship.

It’s not like you’ll get hear anywhere else because it’s combining the inside world with the outside world. It’s turning your gifts into value from a place of being, not doing. It confronts the truth (which everybody is evading), because that’s the only way to progress. There are no rules; it honours your unique journey. It mixes the rational with the intuitive, creativity with focus. It’s where the soul world meets the material world.

It’s your ticket to craft your genius; to become a soul artist of the new generation. It’s your journey to ignite your light so it can shine and awaken thousands of others. It is your claim to radiant confidence, unstoppable self-belief, and your true power and natural brilliance. It is the way you build a business of your passion and live on a higher level of aliveness, empowerment, inspiration, happiness, abundance, meaning, fulfilment, integrity, freedom and authenticity.

You have been drawn to this page because now is your time

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Jo Ellis"I started to really value what I was doing as a business owner and that led to some fantastic shifts. Thanks to Laura’s great section on productivity I can now focus on one thing at a time and evaluate what I should be working on and because of that I’m achieving so much more. I’m so much happier. I’m so much more effective." ~ Jo Ellis, London, UK

Luis Vicente Garcia"The whole process together brings me to where I am today, where I am calm, more confident now of where I want to go, by being focused… and noticing the change I’ve had in that process – it’s really amazing." ~ Luis Vicente García, Caracas, Venezuela

Zarah Shah"The programme has also given me the confidence to believe in myself; to believe that what I’m doing has meaning and has a message that is valuable to people out there. It’s been amazing coaching and mentoring through this programme.” ~ Zahra Shah, London, UK

Chike Nwamadu"I have noticed remarkable changes in my life in general. I feel more in control and much better in myself; life has become much easier and I don’t feel so uptight.I feel more organised and have better time management. Most notable is this feeling of inner peace and calmness." ~ Chike Nwamadu, UK