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Jo Ellis"Laura Nelson, my fantastic coach, helped me clear some big blockages that were holding me back. Amazing lady!" ~ Jo Ellis, UK

Luis Vicente Garcia"The whole process together brings me to where I am today, where I am calm, more confident now of where I want to go, by being focused… and noticing the change I’ve had in that process – it’s really amazing." ~ Luis Vicente García, Venezuela

Zarah Shah"I am working with Laura at the moment and having some amazing breakthroughs. Today after almost seven weeks of darkness I woke up and felt like me :)” ~ Zahra Shah, UK

ray photo"Since I met Laura, my business life has changed! We are in the early days but I can tell you this is working, I have three new clients thanks her first lesson! …I REBOOTED MY BRAIN." ~ Raymond Carrion, UK

nfreeman"I felt ready for dramatic change so maybe this was why I decided to work with Laura. Laura has been incredible. She’s helped me understand and really believe that I am the master of my own mind and destiny. I’ve seen such dramatic changes in my life already. I absolutely know now that life is amazing and I can do whatever I want." ~ Nicola Freeman, UK

chike"Since starting my coaching sessions with Laura, I have noticed remarkable changes in my life in general. I feel more in control and much better in myself. Life has become much easier and I don’t feel so uptight. I have not entertained negative or self-limiting thoughts in a long while now. Most notable is this feeling of inner peace and calmness." ~ Chike Nwamadu, UK

Stephen Dance Dr Laura Nelson testimonial"Following the tips on how to be more productive, I am now very organised in all aspects of my life and get things done quickly and efficiently and have ceased procrastinating." ~ Stephen Dance, UK

maggie photo"Laura’s techniques of gaining sanctuary of the mind lead to clarity of thought and being, giving space to implement all the creativity and productivity methods in this brilliantly designed course. I now take more quality time for myself and my family and, during the time I work, I achieve much more, which is of a higher standard than before." ~ Maggie Gray, UK

preeti kotu"Wow Laura, awesome awesome session tonight. The tools are so simple and straightforward and yet so so profound and crucial… Exactly what I need at this time. Can't wait to get down to doing the exercises. THANKS A TON!!" ~ Preeti Kotu, Germany