“The secret of success in business is mastering yourself.”

An event by Dr Laura Nelson

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Internationally-recognised shifter of thought. Business transformer & trainer

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Experience business and personal performance shifts that will radically transform your entrepreneurial journey in this powerful event. In a unique masterclass-type setting, you will learn the tools and unleash the capability to build expert success in your chosen topic, reach the clients you want to serve and attract the income you deserve.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur a few years into your journey who wants to reignite your passion, productivity and performance; or someone who’s starting out in business and wants a dazzling head-start, the techniques shared in this event will give you the powerful solutions you’re looking for.

Here’s the truth: A successful business starts with YOU.

No doubt you’ve been to business events and bought programmes and seminars already. So why haven’t they given you all the answers you’re looking for? And why – if you’re honest with yourself – have you not got the results that you know you are capable of getting?

The answer: As you grow your business, you have to grow too. Solutions to problems arise from new perspectives of thinking. So if you open your mind to learn new perspectives, you are well on the way to making massive progress.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein.

Let’s assess the business landscape you are navigating:

There is a mass of information available these days – much of it free – about strategies to build your business. In fact, there’s too much choice.

So the real questions are: What’s right for you and your unique journey, and how do you know how to choose?

Many entrepreneurs (I’m sure you know some of them!) buy programmes and then fail to implement the strategies.

So the real question is: Have you got the perseverance and resilience to overcome obstacles that come your way?

It’s easy to find out about what to do in marketing. Just look at your favourite successful entrepreneurs and watch what they’re doing.

So the real questions are: do you know what you want? Are you clear about your priorities? Do you have the mindset that’s going to help you and not hinder you to so you can achieve your dreams AND enjoy the journey?

“Now the real work is the inner work – to overcome those inner demons.” Steven Pressfield, American author and entrepreneur.

Most people limit themselves because they are running old mind patterns that keep them stuck. And they wonder why they don’t get the results they deserve.

Most people see external blocks as exactly that – external to them. They don’t realise that your outside reality is always a reflection of the nature of your inner world – your thoughts, beliefs and habits.

Most people set external goals according to what they think they should do, rather than set goals aligned with their true passion and authentic purpose.

But you are a committed, high achiever and you are not ‘most’ people. You want what you deserve – that’s why you’re on this page.

You want to make use of your gifts and talents. You want to express your unique voice and make up your own rules. You want to make a difference in the world.

In short, you want to have influence, impact and income – and feel good in the process.

That’s exactly what you’re going to learn how to achieve in this content-packed and pioneering event on 16 August.

This is a unique event that combines the inner tools with the outer strategies, giving you the personal power to trust and believe in yourself, take action that works for you and create marketable value from your gifts and talents.

You are going to learn how to do business in the way that works. You are going to come away equipped with radical new perspectives and knowledge, transformational tools and advanced mind management skills to catapult your business success to new, higher levels. After this content-packed half day of training, you will:

  • Know how you can become the expert in your chosen topic: Position yourself as the brand leader and get your name known far and wide
  • Be able to start AND finish every project you engage in: Develop high performance skills of stamina, resilience and personal management to complete projects with flow, focus and ease
  • Know how you can attract the clients you love: Stop chasing clients and instead be a magnet for dream clients and income

On top of that, you’re going to get mind-blowing personal mastery tips to enable you to:

  • unleash your unique inner genius and turn it into marketable value
  • make the impact and income you want and deserve
  • feel confident, in control and in flow, with high energy levels and a resilient motivation
  • train yourself to perform at the highest level – get more done, feel more relaxed and abundant, and trust your inbuilt intuition for guidance and direction
  • be free in your creative expression – to take your ideas and put them into action, make a difference and design your own destiny
  • navigate the deluge of information available and find the right path for you
  • connect to your true value and enable others to see it too
I went from being a very busy person, not focused at all, without knowing what I wanted to achieve. Now, I find myself not only trying to focus on the most important things in my life, which are both my family and my business, but also I’m starting to develop a way to work on understanding my feelings, my needs, where I am and where I want to go.
Luis Vicente Garcia

If you’re asking yourself: am I ready? Instead, ask yourself another question. How long are you going to tolerate less-than-excellent standards and business results that you know you’re capable of achieving?

The approach in this event is unparalleled.

When was the last time you dedicated time and space to yourself to kickstart and refuel the engine of your business?

Just half a day will save you months and probably years of your time.

You’ll save a huge amount of money because you’ll be implementing what you learn from all the other courses and books you bought, instead of getting lost in a cycle of information overload.

You’ll make better choices and become the leader you are destined to be.

This event NOT for everyone. It’s for people who…

  • are serious action-takers
  • are committed to make the most of their life
  • want to make an impact – are itching to make their mark, and make the world a better place.

In summary, it’s for gifted entrepreneurs who are savvy enough to realise that the secret of high performance lies within them, and they are willing to address that to achieve the excellence that is rightfully theirs.

Is this you? If it is, I want you here.

No matter what your unique situation is, you will be having lightbulb moments the whole way through and building the inner strength and business skills to turn your brilliant ideas into massive impact.

Because this event is targeted at you as the unique individual (unlike most other events and courses), the mindset skills you will learn will work to boost your results whatever your situation and circumstances.

jo ellis image“I started to really value what I was doing as a business owner which led to some fantastic shifts. Thanks to Laura’s great section on productivity I can now focus on one thing at a time and evaluate what I should be working on. Because of that I’m achieving so much more. I’m so much happier. I’m so much more effective.” Jo Ellis

Event details

Saturday 16 August, 09:30-12:00

venue 1venue 2


SocietyM, the CitizenM hotel, 20 Lavington Street, 
London, UK, SE1 0NZ


Tea, coffee and water complimentary

What to bring: notebook, a pen, an open mind, your dreams and ideas

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This is an amazing and rare offer. The content shared will revolutionise you and your business, setting you up with tools for life that will bring in thousands – and perhaps millions – of pounds in the long run.

The value of attending this transformational event is £250.

But the price of attending is only £100!

Note: the capacity of the room is limited, so reserve your place now.

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twitterThe secret of success in business is mastering yourself. via @drlauranelson #EESSLondon

twitterBuild expert success, reach clients, attract income. I’m in! via @drlauranelson #EESSLondon

twitterI’m going to Entrepreneurial Expert Success System, live in London. Join me! #EESSLondon

“This has given me the confidence to believe in myself; to believe that what I’m doing has meaning and has a message that is valuable to people out there. It’s been amazing coaching and mentoring.” Zahra Shah
maggie photo“Laura’s techniques of gaining sanctuary of the mind lead to clarity of thought and being, giving space to implement all the creative and productivity methods in this brilliantly designed course.” Maggie Gray
preeti kotu“I gave up a lucrative corporate job to follow my passion of following my dream work of supporting people to follow their dreams. I had a lot of self doubt. The tools Laura provided and her own story inspired and motivated me and I can say now I feel very confident that I am going to be successful at my venture. Laura helped me get increasing clarity about my business, the clients I want to work with, the value I can add to clients’ lives.” Preeti Kotu


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Who am I and what are my credentials? I’m Dr Laura Nelson, former neuroscientist; now a crusader for gifted, conscious entrepreneurs. I’ve been on my own tortuous journey of – for years – not knowing my direction, feeling lost and frustrated, and holding myself back day-to-day with self-imposed limitations.

I have a degree in Pharmacology from the University of Cambridge, and a doctorate in neuroscience. But I learned most of what I know about life and business from recovering from my drastic failures, doing what my heart willed me to do, and ruthlessly following my heroes and heroines.

Investing thousands in learning about business, enrolling in personal development courses and literally transforming every area of my life, I left my job, started a business and doubled my income – and now help others do the same. My strength is combining psychology with strategy. I use a sophisticated understanding of mind patterns to pinpoint what’s keeping you stuck, and help you turn that into highly focused action and marketable value in a way that is aligned with your natural genius and creativity.

I was once terrified of public speaking. You’ll now find me – an award-winning professional speaker – presenting up and down the country at business events, TEDx and the Houses of Parliament. As a media authority and influential trendsetter, you’ll see me out and about on television (CNN and Sky TV), radio (BBC radio 4 and 5 live) and in print (The New York Times and Huffington Post).

As featured in…

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There’s magic that happens in a live event.

You get to actually experience the transformation. I want you to feel these shifts. I want you to feel the same exhilaration that I feel about doing what I love every day.

I want you to feel the relief and excitement that comes with getting clarity on your message so it feels like the true one for you. And of discovering what your true gifts are so you connect to your value and others can see it too.

I want you to feel what it’s like to have boundless energy and to be consistently productive.

I have worked hard to get the life I have now and I wouldn’t give up the journey in an instant. That said, I can save you many years of unnecessary pain. Many expert entrepreneurs give up or their progress comes to halt.

I don’t want this to be you. That’s why I am holding this event to fully share my gift with you – which is my art of simplifying the crazy world of mind confusion and emotional chaos that comes up for you on your entrepreneurial journey, and giving you simple and easy tools to achieve your goals and excel in them.

“Thank you for your help to get me ‘unstuck’. You know those ‘pull string’ toys that you get and you pull the string and let the toy go? I feel just like that myself. Pull my string and off I go!! Thank you again for your brilliant support and what you have managed to help me achieve.”
Yota Spyrou
“Since working with Laura, I have noticed remarkable changes in my life in general. I feel more in control and much better in myself… life has become much easier and I don’t feel so uptight. I have not entertained negative or self-limiting thoughts in a long while now. I feel more organised and have better time management. Most notable is this feeling of inner peace and calmness. I sleep better and wake up in the morning raring to go.” Chike Nwamadu

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twitterThe secret of success in business is mastering yourself. via @drlauranelson #EESSLondon

twitterBuild expert success, reach clients, attract income. I’m in! via @drlauranelson #EESSLondon

twitterI’m going to Entrepreneurial Expert Success System, live in London. Join me! #EESSLondon