I talk about conscious entrepreneurship on the Go-Getter Me podcast

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It’s an exciting week! I have a second guest appearance to share with you.

Sophia Husbands, of the Go-Getter Me podcast series, interviews me here in a lively session – had me completely engrossed.

Want to know:

  • Why, for most of my life, I looked good on paper…but inside I felt unfulfilled?
  • How the human mind is wired to limit you?
  • What happens when you say to yourself: “I’m not creative”?
  • How to focus if you have multiple passions?
  • Why indecision isn’t good for your health?

And… what my word for the year is. I came up with it spontaneously. Want to know how to come up with answers in-the-moment (very useful for interviews)? Listen to the podcast and I share with you what the secret is.

Hope you enjoy it too. The link is here: http://sophiaworld.co.uk/season-1-episode-5-meet-dr-laura-nelson-founder-conscious-entrepreneur

PS. The podcast is attracting some brilliant comments. I love the one about ‘personal responsibility’. The commenter is spot on! Leave yours there too!




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